Elephants at Bailiwick Ranch & Discovery Zoo

How lucky am I – I got to photograph the elephants at Bailiwick Ranch & Zoo. The zoo itself doesn’t have elephants (they do have a tiger and lots of other exotic and domestic animals, go check it out!) but a traveling show came to visit for a few days. So exciting!  At first it’s a bit surreal to stand right next to such a big animal without any fences or barriers in between. This was a totally new experience for me, I’m not used to photographing events or such big animals. But I love a challenge and this was FUN!

IMG_3008-1 copy

Waiting patiently for her bath before the show.

IMG_3016-1 copy

IMG_3019-1 copy

Enjoying her bath. If you look closely you can see she is snacking too.


IMG_3146-1 copy

IMG_3188-1 copy

IMG_3196-1 copy

two 3

two 6

two 7

two 8

IMG_3276-1 copy

Surprise shower for the owner of the zoo.

Everybody got  to feed and pet the elephants. They really seemed to enjoy the snacks and attention. They are so gentle with                 their trunks.

IMG_3246-1 copy

IMG_3287-1 copy

two 5

Going for a ride. How cool is it to get so sit on an elephant. Unless you are only 3 years old then it might be a bit scary.

two 1

two 4

two 2

two 9

two ten


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