Creek Hike

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New Babies!

Our school lets the kids in grade 1/2 hatch eggs in class. I donated some chicken eggs and 4 weeks later brought home 9 new members for my flock. The whole class got to watch some chicks hatch in real time. They learned about the development of the egg and got to take care of the chicks for a few days. They were sad to see them go but I’ll make sure to send updates throughout the rest of the school year.


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And here is all 9 of them.

PTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage

Spring Chickens

It’s been really quiet on the blog. The long, dark and cold winter put me in a photography rut. But spring is here and we can finally go outside again. The chickens are enjoying it just as much as the kids. And I enjoy capturing our “real” life – messy yard, kids with torn pants and paint stains and most likely chicken poop. I was just trying to take a few photos of the kids hanging with the chickens dust bathing. It was their idea to do a little shoot with Goldie, the only chicken that likes to be picked up.

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Going swimming in the creek is becoming a summer tradition for our family. The kids are old enough now that it’s too dangerous anymore and they love looking for crayfish and frogs. This is the perfect spot where the deep swimming hole is kind of separate from the flat part and I can safely let the kids roam a bit. And it’s beautiful.



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