New Babies!

Our school lets the kids in grade 1/2 hatch eggs in class. I donated some chicken eggs and 4 weeks later brought home 9 new members for my flock. The whole class got to watch some chicks hatch in real time. They learned about the development of the egg and got to take care of the chicks for a few days. They were sad to see them go but I’ll make sure to send updates throughout the rest of the school year.


chickIMG_4511 webIMG_4500 webIMG_4478 webIMG_4425 webIMG_4469 webIMG_4414 webIMG_4476 webIMG_4398 web

And here is all 9 of them.

PTM 2012 9 up Collage Templage


One thought on “New Babies!

  1. My children’s school have just asked me to set up the same thing for them. I’m looking forward to seeing ask the kids faces. My children love hatching eggs x

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